More and more businesses today are joining the big revolution, creating online stores and everyone is looking for the right platform to work on.


There are a number of advanced open-source systems in the world you can go for and one such is our premier Magento E-Commerce platform that offers everything you need in order to start operating a powerfully built online store within months. This fully-integrated online shop features flexible product display options, mobile templates, multiple transaction options, multi-stores and multi-sites functionality, and several more functionalities.

Why choose Magento at Megabyte?

As it comes to E-Commerce software, Magento is counted amongst the most extensive features lists. This is the reason its rates are so high and why all the Magento customers are large corporations. The open source Magento services offered by us consist of everything from marketing to customer segmentation, offering standard features so it’s easy to work on search engine optimization with tools for Google sitemaps, Google Content APIs and search engine friendly URLs. Coupon codes, customer groups, product bundles and newsletter management are its marketing and conversion tools. In a way it won’t be wrong to say that the list is vast as it comes to the features offered by us.